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Hunting Information

All hunting by our members must take place in accordance with the laws and traditions of the Algonquin Nation, including respect for all animals, respect for private property and safety and conservation values.

Hunting Code of Conduct

1.All hunters shall wear hunter orange, a minimum of 400 inches above the waist, visible from all sides. Hunter orange headgear is also required. Does not apply to bow hunters.

2.All ANTC hunters shall carry their Algonquin Identification Card while hunting.

3.No Algonquin shall refuse to stop their vehicle, either by means of hand signals or lights, when signalled to do so by an authorized officer

4.No Algonquin shall have a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, or shoot from a vehicle or power boat (unless issued permit for a disabled hunter).

5.All Terrain vehicles are to be used within Algonquin Park for retrieval only.

6.Dogs are prohibited for hunting purposes within Algonquin Park.

7.No Algonquin shall hunt under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

8.No Algonquin, while hunting shall possess a loaded firearm on a paved road or on the shoulder of a paved road.

9.No Algonquin shall allow the flesh of wild game that has been taken for food to be destroyed of spoiled.

10.All Algonquins shall adhere to the moose tag system instituted by the Algonquin Nation Tribal Council.

o To be a valid harvest, each adult moose must have 4 Algonquin Identification Cards attached to the ear of the moose.
o To be a valid harvest, each calf moose must have 2 Algonquin Identification Cards attached to the ear of the moose.
o Failure to attach 4 cards to an adult or 2 cards to a calf moose shall result in forfeiture of the harvested animal.

11.No Algonquin shall willfully mutilate, deface, destroy or tamper with any sign or poster erected, maintain or posted, for the purpose of giving notice to the public of private property or of restricted hunting or fishing.

12.No Algonquin shall shoot at a moose or deer while it is swimming.

13.Do not litter or leave garbage behind.


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